Announcement: New release

The best new features from the 4Industry Elgon release

A new release of 4Industry is out! Quickly discover what new and improved features the 4Industry Elgon release has in store for you.

Announcement: New release

Proudly, we present you the 4Industry Elgon release! This release contains major changes to the look and feel of the desktop version, along with several mobile improvements and new features.

Curious about the previous release, Nevado? Check it here.

New desktop features

Tab structure in RCA functionality

The tab structure in the RCA functionality has made toggling between windows a lot easier and provides more overview. 
Other new features:

  • Playbook tab – allows you to easily define flows per analysis type (BDA, RCA, etc.) 
  • Validate button in 5xWhy – helps you organize and exclude possible Why’ s from the analysis
4Industry Elgon release: RCA management feature with new tab structure and Playbook tab
Enhanced RCA feature with tabs and Playbook option

UX alignment between desktop & mobile

We’ve aligned the following desktop user experiences with its mobile counterpart: 

  • Assessment Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Knowledge Builder

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Knowledge Management


The new Knowledge Templates functionality makes creating content slices easier through a preset template. This helps to structure knowledge better.

Knowledge Template feature

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base now has a card-like view that supports feature images of knowledge articles, assessments, jobs, etc.

We’ve also consolidated all knowledge-related features in a single place. From here, you can easily create a new knowledge article, maintenance plan, assessment definition, etc. via the blue button in the upper right corner.

New Knowledge Base homepage

Knowledge Viewer

The improved Knowledge Viewer now supports viewing knowledge articles with either text, images or video content slices.

Improved Knowledge Viewer

Home screen

The user-friendly home screen that we all know from mobile, is now also available on desktop!

New home screen layout

New mobile features

Improved Accessibility

From the 4Industry Elgon release onwards, our product fully complies to the WCAG v2 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

Some of the things we’ve updated are:

Enlarged font size

Android & iOS alignment

When we first released 4Industry, it was an iOS only platform. Both Android and iOS functionality and design have now been completely aligned to ensure a smooth experience on both device types.

Home card icon support

We’ve extended the support of home card icons to 5395!

Elgon release: Home screen with new icons
Home cards in the mobile 4Industry app

More to come in 2022!

Now that the 4Industry Elgon release is out, we’re already working on the next release.

This is what we’ve got planned for 2022:

  • New Task Planner, Builder and Executor for Grouped Tasks
  • Dynamic simple tasks
  • New Assessment Builder
  • Targets for questions
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