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4Industry is a Connected Worker Platform that makes work processes in the factory easier to execute, plan, monitor, and manage. Our mobile-enabled shop floor application improves workforce satisfaction by providing workers with a suite of digital tools that simplify the execution of daily operations.

4Industry is built on a uniform platform that can be reached on digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. We strive to help manufacturers create a globally connected, future-proof organization that operates with world-class efficiency.
We strive to reduce the complexity of daily factory work by providing operators with intuitive digital workflows that can be triggered on any smart device.

We give operators the means to execute work easier and faster, and continuously provide them with new functionalities and features that enable an optimal simplification of work processes.
Originally, 4Industry was developed as a solution for a large Food & Beverage manufacturer. It’s therefore no surprise that our product was initially designed with that sector in mind.

Now, we’re expanding at large speed by adding sector-specific features for industries such as pharma, chemicals, automotive, and equipment manufacturing. Pharma-specific features will, for example, revolve around traceability.
4Industry is a cloud-based manufacturing platform built on ServiceNow’s Now Platform®. Our software comes in an out-of-the-box version that can be configured to meet an organization’s specific needs.

The unique thing about 4Industry is that it comes in a single instance and with a single database, which can encompass an entire global factory network. This allows for both global standardization and local customization. For example: Uniform processes like safety protocols can be defined globally while variable processes like assessments can be customized entirely on a local level.
4Industry is generally a fit for any manufacturing operation with multiple factories and a substantial number of operators who execute work processes with typical administrative activities (e.g. registering deviations or handling equipment maintenance tasks).

Our current customers include global manufacturing organizations like KraftHeinz, Heineken, Danone, and JDE Peet’s.