A mobile app for manufacturing

Give operators, workers and engineers a mobile interface to triage, address and solve problems and tasks on the go with our mobile app for manufacturing.


Focused on augmenting operators

While building our mobile app for manufacturing, we took feedback from thousands of operators across the globe. Using Google technology, we continuously analyze how the application is being used, and improve the user experience accordingly. We want operators to spend as less time as possible in the app: your operators need to operate and maintain the line, not an app.


Instant notifications reduce response times

Using Automation Designer and rules, you can send notifications and alerts directly to mobile devices. Send a request for assistance to an engineer or notify a line supervisor about a breakdown. Anything is possible with our flexible designer.

When a MES or IoT system detects a problem, you can use our platform to auto-create a deviation, including possible solutions and send it to the operator. Or notify a user when s/he is walking into an area where goggles are mandatory. These instant notifications will help reduce response times immensely.

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Easy access anywhere, anytime

Our mobile manufacturing app is designed in such a way that users always have access to (relevant) information, no matter where they are.

  • No more searching! Use QR, NFC, GPS and iBeacons to filter information per site.

  • The app shows auto-proposed actions on every screen.


A blueprint for increasing your OEE
with a digital platform

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Feature-rich mobile solution for the shop floor

QR & NFC code

Place QR or NFC stickers on your equipment to scan by your operators, granting them instant access to all knowledge and tasks for that specific piece of equipment or area.


Leverage GPS technology to track the whereabouts of your operators. Push information based on a worker’s location, like sending out a reminder to a worker upon entering an area to wear safety goggles.


Value-driven prioritization

Our smart platform automatically applies task prioritization, offering you a systematic and automated approach to prioritize all the work that your workers need to do.


Take pictures everywhere, anytime with your camera. Performing an assessment? Capture the evidence on camera. Spot a broken part? Snap a picture! Observed an unsafe situation? Take a picture and report it!



Some of the factories using 4Industry have over 40,000 different machines in a single location! By placing iBeacons in work hubs, the mobile app automatically calls on the machines based on proximity.

Interested in our mobile capabilities? – Let us take you through all app features in a demo

Bring the mobile experience to the shop floor

Empower your workers with mobile technology that helps them perform their jobs faster. Our advanced mobile features also greatly improve knowledge capturing and task management.

Increase worker productivity

Augment your workers with mobile tools and leverage data to perform their jobs faster and more accurately.

Cut repair & response times

Drastically shorten time to repair and response with QR, iBeacon and IoT technology and Machine Learning—helping you increase your OEE.

Onboard new talent faster

Shorten employee onboarding thanks to the use of mobile and tablet devices and the platform’s strong knowledge capture features and effective Task Management.

Simplify work

Our mobile and tablet technology simplifies job execution and offers your workers a smooth experience.