The connected worker platform for manufacturing

Enable your operators and machines to achieve true world-class manufacturing with 4Industry, a highly customizable, mobile-enabled manufacturing platform.

Recent client wins

  • 5% increase in OEE
  • 77% decrease in MTTR defects
  • 24% decrease in engineer travel time
  • 32% cost reduction by maximizing factory efficiency

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

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The benefits for your factories

Step-by-step approach to shop floor tasks

Ensure consistent quality and reduce training time with standardized, factory-specific workflows in the palm of your operators’ hands. Learn more about digital Work Instructions in action by clicking the button below!

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4Industry instant access to knowledge

Instant access to knowledge

Record, publish and push information to workers via mobile. Share knowledge across plants to widen the geographical span of best practices and issue prevention with Knowledge Management.

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Safe. Safer. Safest.

Prevent safety issues and accidents with in-app verification of plant-defined Environmental, Health & Safety measures for a specific task.

  • Each task contains a safety panel with the required PPE, LOTO level and safety measures
  • Easy access to safety information
  • Smart Forms functionality to manage safety audits

Learn more about EHS

4Industry safety defects

The benefits we bring to your factories

Streamline workflows on a single platform

Manage tasks, deviations and information digitally.

Empower your connected workers

Empower shop floor workers with digital tools.

Transfer success from one plant to many

Use a common database to facilitate global knowledge sharing.

Factories worldwide are making an impact with 4Industry

Factories around the world have saved millions of dollars by increasing their productivity with us.


Over 150 factories run on our platform worldwide.


Over 20,000+ people use our platform every day.


3 months to go from pilot phase to launch.


2 major platform releases every year.

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Increase your OEE with our free Connected Worker blueprint

This blueprint explains how a Connected Worker Platform (CWP), combined with digital technology and manufacturing best practices, can increase OEE in your plants.

Download the blueprint

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

4Industry Client Danone Logo
4Industry Customer Partner Douwe Egberts
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Increase your OEE

The connected worker is the key to increasing your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). That’s why we designed a digital solution to optimize factory workflows and increase uptime with operator-enablement in mind.

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4Industry - Connected Worker The Importance of the Connected Worker in Your Factory

Augment your workers

Give your operators the tools and information they need to process, share and apply your plant’s knowledge and data to improve their way of work, line performance, quality and uptime across all plants.

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Improve continuously

Continuously improve with both machine learning and an interface for workers to share knowledge, best practices, solutions and reporting insights within and across all of your plants.

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