A unique approach to Knowledge Management

Unlock the true power of Knowledge Management by making knowledge easy to consume, actionable, and globally shareable.

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Consume. Create. Continuously improve.

Our Knowledge Management module is based on three pillars: Consume, Create, and Continuously Improve. The common denominator between these is simplicity. Applying, making, and improving knowledge must be as easy as possible.

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A new way of learning

Learning should be a breeze, not a bore. That’s why 4Industry facilitates learning on the job.

  • Knowledge is always within reach on mobile.
  • Allow operators to do unfamiliar work without assistance.
  • Knowledge is divided into bite-sized blocks for easy learning.
  • Visual media makes tasks simple and straightforward.


Swipe, type, publish

No one likes to fiddle with text editors and spreadsheets. Our solution to this is simple: templates. Our intuitive Knowledge Builder enables any operator to create knowledge in a second—tech-savvy or not.

  • Save valuable tribal knowledge.
  • Standardize knowledge and templates globally
  • Easily share knowledge with other plants
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Continuously improve

Feedback made easy

From anywhere in the app, users can simply create feedback by pressing the Floating Action Button.

Feedback is stored centrally and can be turned into larger continuous improvement projects by leadership.

Smaller changes can be effected immediately. Updating a knowledge document is instantaneous and plant-wide. The risk of anyone using outdated instructions is thereby eliminated.

Our Knowledge Management in a nutshell

Enable your operators to learn, create, and develop knowledge in a fast and frustration-free way.


  • Autonomous, on-the-job learning
  • Images and videos make instructions straightforward
  • Knowledge is always accessible on mobile


  • Easy knowledge creation for all operators
  • Retention of tribal knowledge
  • Global knowledge sharing

Continuously improve

  • Feedback can be given anywhere in the app
  • Central storage of feedback
  • Update knowledge instantaneously
Need to raise worker productivity? We can help you!

Maturity Matrix

Check out what your plant knowledge management maturity is by using our maturity matrix.
Download the pdf or request a report for your business for free.


Our vision on Knowledge Management

Nowadays, operators are often required to be multi-skilled, flexible, and easily adaptable to changing markets.

At the same time, experienced operators are going into retirement en masse, while a new and inexperienced generation enters the workforce.

This situation requires a way of learning that’s more effective, situation-based, and attractive than before.

Learning on the job

With classroom learning being less effective than practical learning, we stimulate learning on the job. This improves knowledge retention and is much more enjoyable for operators.

Bite-sized blocks

No one likes reading long, text-heavy instructions to learn a new skill. That’s why we make learning pleasant by dividing content into easily consumable blocks.

Localized knowledge

We enable a smooth job execution by using iBeacons, QR codes, and NFCs to connect knowledge to machines and areas. Knowledge can furthermore be connected to tasks and deviations, ensuring your operators always have the right information at the right time.

Easy sharing & capturing

Creating new knowledge articles can be a laborious process. We’ve made it as simple as possible by enabling operators to create knowledge articles in a matter of minutes with templates. Automated approval flows ensure knowledge is reviewed and approved by leadership.

Need to raise worker productivity? We can help you!