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Enable workers to perform basic maintenance tasks and unlock the power of your data with our intuitive, mobile-enabled platform.

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Enhance your uptime with a connected workforce

In a high-volume industry like the Logistics industry, uptime means everything. A single machine defect or breakdown can cause an enormous loss of throughput, making it essential to have a mean time to repair (MTTR) that’s as low as possible.

Warehouses, however, don’t employ maintenance teams, and warehouses workers aren’t taught to perform maintenance tasks. Because no preventive maintenance takes place in warehouses, breakdowns occur that are expensive to repair. External, high-cost engineers have to be called up to do repairs, and warehouse managers are left with a big bill.

4Industry wants to revolutionize the way work is done in warehouses. Our connected worker platform teaches warehouses workers to perform basic preventive maintenance tasks, decreasing the chance of big breakdowns happening and saving you a lot of unnecessary overhead.

Maintenance made easy

4Industry’s mobile-enabled connected worker platform enables your workforce to do maintenance tasks like routine checks, simple repairs, and cleaning tasks.

Easy-to-understand explanatory steps assist workers in performing the task at hand while ensuring they don’t forget any necessary tools or skip any steps. Visual elements like pictures and videos can be embedded in these instructions, making maintenance tasks even more intuitive for workers.

A workforce capable of performing autonomous maintenance will lower your MTTR, increase uptime and OEE, and optimize output. Calling up engineers is a thing of the past: the fix is in your workers’ pockets.

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Empower your workers with digital enablement

4Industry has the ability to integrate with machines, read machine-generated data, and translate those data into actionable triggers for warehouse workers. If a packaging machine, for example, is about to run out of boxes, the platform will send a worker a trigger telling them to refill it.

The platform also supplies workers with the additional information they need to perform their work. It can, to continue the above example, instruct a worker on where new boxes are located, how they should perform the filling procedure, and so on. This has the further benefit of training and integrating new workers into a warehouse much quicker, instead of them having to be trained and supervised by experienced employees for an extended amount of time.

4Industry, in short, makes work faster, easier, and simpler.

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Increase your OEE with our Manufacturing Operating System Blueprint

The power of machine learning

The great thing about 4Industry is that it collects a lot of machine-generated data, which it analyzes through machine learning. This means that the platform will, after you use it for a period of time, automatically learn to link certain defects with specific solutions.

When a defect occurs, 4Industry’s Incident Management will immediately send triggers to workers alerting them about it, and provide them with information on how to fix it. No more scrambling for a solution when a defect occurs. Instead, 4Industry takes care of everything.

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Unlock your data’s possibilities

Warehouse managers often have a big amount of data at their disposal but generally don’t know what to do with it. 4Industry gathers all relevant data on its platform and presents it in a clear, easy-to-understand way. This gives warehouse managers concrete information on KPIs like:

  • Cost per Order
  • Picking accuracy
  • Total order cycle time
  • Delivery accuracy
  • Rate of returns

Because profits in the logistics industry are so dependent on large volumes, data on process performance is essential. This essential data allows warehouses managers to see which areas are causing them most losses, and, consequently, in which ways they can increase throughput.

Get perspective on your warehouses’ performance

With 4Industry’s intuitive dashboards, you can view and compare the metrics and KPIs of all of your dashboards.

All relevant data is gathered in one spot so you can easily compare individual KPIs between warehouses. This permits you to exactly see why your best performing warehouses perform well, and which improvements you have to implement to enhance your low-performing warehouses. Comparing apples with apples has never been simpler.

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