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Build powerful integrations to other platforms and software for our Connected Worker platform.

Integration BUILDER

Easily connect with other software & platforms

Automation Designer

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Empower your factory with a scalable publish–discover–reuse framework that contains a growing set of codeless integrations for popular manufacturing apps.

Introspect table schemes and fields to generate dynamic input from metadata-driven systems like ERP, MES and SCADA during the design phase. Leverage dynamic output by accessing action and sub-flow output through dynamically generated data pills during flow design.
Easily manage complex data with our graphical interface, using collections of structured data (objects and arrays). Encode and store structured data in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) or Extensible Markup Language (XML).
Build an integration once and call it from anywhere on the platform (script include, business rule, UI action, etc.) with Action APIs.
Manipulate, expose and transform data pills using numerous no-code functions.
Parse XML and JSON responses from API calls without having to write code. Generate actions and pre‑configure an action REST step from an OpenAPI spec.
Most common authentication frameworks are supported like Auth, SAML, Basic and Key Pair.

A blueprint for increasing your OEE
with a digital platform

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Quick, easy & more value

Quickly set up integrations for 4Industry with our framework and a set of standard workflows to help you get started.

Simplify the process

Create activities based upon notifications from external systems like MES or ERP in no time. This works the other way around as well.

Add value & speed

Our framework allows your 4industry admins to create and publish integrations and components for reuse by anyone.

Connect your workflows

We support 16 out-of-the-box workflows. Use integrations to enrich these workflows.

4Industry – Easily set up integrations yourself using drag & drop!