How a connected worker platform accelerates Operational Excellence 

By taking away administrative burden and providing a single tool for operators, a connected worker platform can really accelerate your OpEx program(s).

Almost every manufacturing organization runs an Operational Excellence (OpEx) program. No wonder, because it has proven added value.

But in practice, it brings along countless processes, and administrative tasks on the shop floor, especially for operators. Even more so when best-of-breed point solutions are chosen to manage manufacturing workflows like work permits, SHE issue management, etc. over one unified connected worker platform.

Best-of-breed point solutions affect Operational Excellence

If you want to achieve true Operational Excellence, don’t let your operators work with 5 or more different solutions to perform a single task!

Because that’s what happens when you choose a best-of-breed point solution strategy. Instead, go for one unified platform so everyone in the factory works on a single connected worker platform—from warehousing to utilities to quality, engineering and production. The platform ensures data is exchanged, synced, and captured automatically. And the best part: operators have a single tool to work from.

Such a plug-and-play platform—like 4Industry—contains preset workflows which will help you accelerate your Operational Excellence programs. Think of workflows like centerlining, SHE issue management, defect handling, direction settings, etc. You only have to tweak a few settings and you’re good to go.

Administrative burden of OpEx programs

Over time, Operational Excellence programs usually get so extensive that they become a burden to the manufacturing organization. Simply because of the number of administrative tasks it entails for operators. Management wants to collect more and more data, and so operators are tasked with capturing that data. With a connected worker platform, much of the administrative burden is taken away because data is logged automatically. Reports are built automatically based on the data logged—and voila, you have a much easier way to track and steer Operational Excellence. From skill management, defect handling, safety issues, safety investigations, breakdown analysis, work permit, behavior observation systems all the way to RCA.

Accelerating Operational Excellence

A cross-departmental connected worker platform accelerates your Operational Excellence programs in several ways:

  • Work standardization across factories matures OpEx programs by 30%
  • Savings are greater since learnings and inefficiencies from each factory can be applied to other factories right away
  • Run a single OpEx program for all plants (opposed to running separate programs per site)
  • Automation and pre-built cross-departmental processes take away the administrative burden for operators, resulting in a happier workforce (with more productive workers!)

So, if your OpEx Program(s) are dragging along without making much progress, consider driving your Operational Excellence using a connected worker platform!

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