5 Whys

Collaborate on analyses remotely

Involve all stakeholders in a 5 Whys analysis—from operators to CI experts. Assign, manage, and track tasks digitally.

Analog analyses lead to substandard solutions…

5 whys analyses are often performed without involving the operators who were present when the problem occurred.

This leaves problem-solving teams with an inaccurate picture of what happened, making it difficult to verify each why in the analysis.

The result? Siloed teams and a high mean time to resolve (MTTR).

…why not switch to digital?

4Industry’s digital 5 whys tool enables all stakeholders in an analysis to collaborate remotely using desktop, smartphone, and tablet devices.  

Problem-solving teams can assign tasks and monitor their completion, while operators can validate whys by collecting live data and sharing pictures and videos.

Once a solution is found, a knowledge article can be created easily and shared within the plant—and even with other plants within a company. This ensures that the entire company benefits from local ingenuity.  

Digital 5 Whys in action

CI teams can remotely assign an analysis to operators on the shop floor. All information is stored in a centralized location accessible to all stakeholders, providing a permanent record with full traceability.

Operators can fill in the analysis straight on the shop floor using their smartphone or tablet. They can capture all sorts of data, such as pictures and videos, to support CI teams.

4Industry tracks actions, follow-up actions and tasks, establishing a 360-degree view of task completion and a comprehensive picture of the problem and its solution.

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