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The image below gives an overview of 4Industry’s current modules. Multiple new modules will be released in the future, like one for non-conformance.

For a succinct overview of our product features, please check out this page.
4Industry is based on TPM philosophy. Each module supports TPM processes like autonomous maintenance, preventive maintenance, training, and administration.

Within the platform, modules work interactively. Tasks, for example, can be related to knowledge articles. All information is stored in a central database and used everywhere throughout 4Industry.
Essentially, 4Industry does not replace any of your existing systems.

Multiple systems will still exist in your factory after implementation. Some of those systems’ functions can be taken over by 4Industry; for other functions, 4Industry will integrate with existing systems by exchanging data.

For example: If your operators register equipment defects via SAP PM, this can be taken over by 4Industry. The resulting work order to fix the defect will still be handled in SAP. The work order details, however, are exchanged with the defect registered in 4Industry to enable it to track the status and completion of the defect.

Other examples of integrations are with typical manufacturing systems like SCADA and MES.
Yes, 4Industry was created to encompass large, global manufacturing organizations. The topic of implementation is explored in more detail in the implementation section.
4Industry’s primary value lies in the way it improves workforce satisfaction by making shop floor work straightforward and simple. Our Connected Worker Platform digitalizes paper-based shop floor processes and automates non-value-added activities, leading to leaner procedures. Transitioning your shop floor to an entirely paperless environment is now a possibility.

Aditionally, 4Industry presents manufacturers with a better overview of the present situation on the shop floor and the tasks that are most urgent—all straight from a tablet, phone, or PC.
4Industry’s dynamic dashboards present leadership with a clear, real-time overview of what’s happening in the factory (e.g. safety issues in a certain work area). Knowledge sharing is fast and easy, and ranges across shifts, departments, and even your global network of factories.

As 4Industry is a central platform that encompasses your organization at large, it enables you to discover best practices through the comparison of factories.
Firstly, 4Industry increases operational performance due to a reduced number of safety incidents, quicker follow-up of quality incidents, and better machine availability. The automation of non-value-added work results in a significant boost in operator productivity.

Some of our recent client wins include:
• -20 days in mean time to resolve for defects
• 32% cost reduction by maximizing factory efficiency
• 5% increase in OEE
• 24% decrease in engineer travel time
Our experience is that it takes about six months to see the first improvements in the areas of productivity, workforce satisfaction, and MTTR.

After another six months, you will see the first high-level benefits, such as the discovery of best practices and an increase of operational performance.