Task Planning

Manage tasks on intuitive Kanban boards  

Assign tasks, monitor progress, and track completion on a shared platform. Easily transfer tasks between shifts, reassign them to other operators, or plan tasks ahead of time. 

Manual methods are unmanageable…  

In most factories, task management is still a manual process. Supervisors assign tasks at the start of shifts and check their progress at the end of the day.  

However, this has various disadvantages. Tasks can be easily forgotten, and it’s challenging to track work done in the past.  

Additionally, planning tasks ahead of time, whether it’s days, weeks or months ahead, is unmanageable.   

…digital tools complete the task 

Managing tasks becomes a breeze with 4Industry’s task planning tool.  

Using intuitive Kanban boards, supervisors can assign and track tasks throughout the day.  

Operators are notified on their handheld devices about new tasks, and their task overview ensures they never forget about a task.   

All performed work is tracked in the system, ensuring you have a permanent record of performed activities.  

Digital Task Planning in action

4Industry gives supervisors a 360-degree view of shop floor tasks on an intuitive desktop interface.  

This guarantees perfect visibility and ensures smooth transitions between shifts.  

Meanwhile, operators receive their tasks on their smartphone or tablet device.  

In case an operator is absent or otherwise unable to do a task, supervisors can reassign it with a click.  

Each task has a due date and can be assigned ahead of time.


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