CIL maintenance

Simplify and speed up CIL task execution

Automate CIL task scheduling through a digital system. Accellerate task execution by adding clear instructions. Automatically track KPIs, and generate reports with a click.

Paper complicates CIL…  

Most factories still use complicated, paper-based schedules to convey CIL tasks to operators.

The checklists and instructions operators handle are also paper-based, and therefore cumbersome to fill in and carry around.

Plus, deriving KPIs from these is a manual, time-consuming process.

…digital tools create clarity

Digital software speeds up CIL by automatically scheduling and assigning tasks.

Operators receive tasks directly on their mobile phones, and therefore do not have to parse complicated schedules.

Tasks come with easy-to-understand digital instructions that can be accessed with a click.

And the best part is that the system automatically tracks all data, processes it into live KPIs, and generates reports easily.

Digital CIL maintenance in action

Our CIL software allows you to create CIL tasks, define how often they should recur, and what work area they apply to. The system takes care of the rest by automatically assigning the tasks that need to be done each day.

It also connects CIL to defect handling, allowing operators to register a deviation directly from a CIL checklist without leaving the shop floor.

A permanent record registers information like task completion and completion time. This data enables you to detect trends and thereby opens up incredible opportunities for continuous improvement.


Digital CIL maintenance software

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